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  • What is a "shop drop?"
    It's simply placing our ceramic products onto our website for purchase. Once the pieces are sold, they're gone. We are a very small business making small batches of ceramic pieces and we have a fairly fixed upper limit on how many pieces we can produce in a given timeframe.
  • Why are they out of stock?
    Any pieces that have already sold will be labeled out of stock. We will leave some "out of stock" photos up so you can get a general style sense.
  • When will they be available again?
    We will announce our future shop drops on Instagram (@birdsinclay) so it's best to check there first.
  • Can I pre-order them?
    Not at this time.
  • Will my piece look like the photo(s)?
    What you see in the photo is the piece that you order. We do our best to make these pictures look like the real deal. There is only a quantity of 1 of each piece. However, with that being said, glaze appearance can vary from time to time due to kiln placement.
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