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I am exploring the world of ceramics and I have a great interest in functional pottery. I am currently learning and practicing my craft out of my De Pere WI home and I utilize the NWTC Artisan Center when I am able. I am new to the world of art and I had my first experience in ceramics through the artisan center in September 2022. Since then I haven't stopped scouring the internet for tutorials and techniques and I have worked on implementing everything I am learning into my practice of wheel thrown pottery.

I have an analytical side that seems to enjoy creating and learning. I have always had an interest in areas that allow me the freedom to explore and I seem to have landed on the world of clay. I have been a lifelong fan of music and have played instruments for most of my life. I have been an avid sailor from a young age. I enjoy working with my hands and the tactile feedback that comes with each of these pursuits.

It brings me happiness knowing that my pieces will be used and enjoyed for years to come. I strive to make works of art with a functional form while continuing to explore new ideas in the world of ceramics. Reach out to me anytime through this website to talk about pottery.


Liz is a Wisconsin-based ceramicist creating with soulful intention and an explorer's heart. Each piece is handmade to invite art and beauty into everyday life. You may see hints of Liz's formal medical education background throughout her work in her attention to detail and skillful mastery. Her artwork is influenced by sensitivity to her surroundings, compassion for nature, and her empathetic relationship with animals. Working from a place of discovery fuels her joy of the process.

In 2022, Liz stepped back from her full-time career as a Physician Assistant, and with the support of her husband, Josh, they created Birds in Clay, LLC. Just as birds take dust baths to tend to themselves, Liz and Josh work in clay to take care of themselves.

"A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch but in her wings" - Unknown

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